Monday, July 2, 2012

The shop is full of great stuff!

Hello to all of our new followers! It has been great meeting so many of you, so glad you are finding your way to Hilliard and visitng us. Since the new ad came out I have had many calls about our hours.

Our summer hours are Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 11am - 7pm and Saturday 11am - 4pm. Now & then I am in the shop piddling around on a day we are closed, when I am there I will unlock the door and post the open sign.


We have added a number of new items to the shop and said good-bye to some favorites as they made their way to new homes. We are so happy that they went to homes that took delight in them. That is what this is all about, finding things you love  to surround yourself with. We do the same when we find items to refurbish. We truly love what we do and we get as excited about finding new items we love as we do when they go off to new homes. I love the transformations, I love finding something that is beautiful but has fallen into disrepair and just needs some love, some paint and sometimes a screwdriver or hammer to be as beautiful but different than the way it started.  We try to remember to take pictures before we start but we don't always succeed. We just get too darned excited to get started.

Here are a few items which are still in the shop:

This is just a few of the items available! Come in and visit to see the rest! You can also find us on Facebook

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