Thursday, July 26, 2012

Loving our new location!!

We didn't move far, not at all. We were actually able to carry everything out the back door, over about 10 steps and in the new back door. Easiest move I ever made.

So, Josh & I moved most of the stuff in yesterday and then Tom helped get the last of the big items over today. I don't know about the rest of you but I can't watch when big stuff is being moved or being carried up or down basement steps or  when one of my guys is on a roof or in a tree working. I keep wanting to yell stuff at them like "be careful" or "watch that step." Since my husband paints houses for a living, in and out and has been doing so for the last , um, well, almost 40 years now, he doesn't need me to tell him to be careful on a roof. (I still say it, I just can't help myself, LOL)

So, the boys told me to go inside because it wasn't really helping them for me to stand there and say look out. I finally just held the door open and looked the other way. Yes, I am a wimp. You would think after raising six boys I would be over it.

Hooray, hooray, we are in! We have it all set up too. It was so much easier this time around to get it all in order. Practice makes perfect! The space is so open and warm and inviting. I hope you will all stop by to see our wonderful furniture and pretty stuff. Our new address is...

3880 Lattimer St Hilliard, OH 43026
The street that runs beside the Dairy Queen dead ends right across from our shop.

Here are a few pictures

And this hutch just came in, very nice!

We are open Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 11am - 7pm and Saturday 11am-4pm. These are our summer hours.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

We will be moving!

Not far, just around the corner of the building we are in. It is a spot facing the street and it is a little bigger and wider than the shop we are now in. There is a some work to be done before we can move, carpet to be removed and floors readied. I will post pics of the new shop soon. Stay tuned!!

And here is a sweet little dresser we have in the shop.

There is another wonderful white chest of drawers and a white desk that just came in, I don't have a picture of either yet, very vintage! Several more items are almost finished and we found some wonderful treasures we have not even started on. Check back for updates or better yet, come in and see us. We are open Tuesday, Thursdays & fridays 11-7 and Saturday 11-4.

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We are in the local paper...

Resident inspired by giving old items new purposes

Friday, July 6, 2012

Handsome shabby buffet

It's late and I should be in bed but I wanted to post a quick picture of a fabulous buffet we just got in. This is a solid well constructed piece of furniture. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. It wasn't really too hard to move either as  it is on wheels. I love furniture on wheels!

 I think Joshua did a wonderful job on this. It has been painted with Annie Sloan Chalk paint in coco and old white and then waxed with clear and then dark wax for a great protective finish. All of the drawers and doors work well.

This would be great as a TV stand or in a dining room or foyer.  The shop is open tomorrow, Friday, July 6 from 11am - 7pm and Saturday from 11am - 4pm.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Thank you to all my new visitors!

Many thanks to all of you who have come into the shop these past few weeks. I have enjoyed meeting each and everyone of you. I am learning so much, other shops to visit, great places to eat. One of the best parts of this adventure is connecting with people. When you come into my little shop and get excited I get excited and when I am excited I do my best work. It also gets my boys, Josh & Tom motivated and then they bring me fabulous furniture. It's win win!!

There was such a great response to the shop being open today I am wondering if opening on Sundays for a few hours might be helpful to folks who work. If anyone would care to give me feedback on that I would appreciate it.

If you haven't been in for a while you might want to stop by, lots of new pieces in the last few days. Here are pictures of a couple of things and then I have to go, there is another storm raging outside so the computer has to go off. Come by and see me, the air conditioning is on and I'd love your company.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The shop is full of great stuff!

Hello to all of our new followers! It has been great meeting so many of you, so glad you are finding your way to Hilliard and visitng us. Since the new ad came out I have had many calls about our hours.

Our summer hours are Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 11am - 7pm and Saturday 11am - 4pm. Now & then I am in the shop piddling around on a day we are closed, when I am there I will unlock the door and post the open sign.


We have added a number of new items to the shop and said good-bye to some favorites as they made their way to new homes. We are so happy that they went to homes that took delight in them. That is what this is all about, finding things you love  to surround yourself with. We do the same when we find items to refurbish. We truly love what we do and we get as excited about finding new items we love as we do when they go off to new homes. I love the transformations, I love finding something that is beautiful but has fallen into disrepair and just needs some love, some paint and sometimes a screwdriver or hammer to be as beautiful but different than the way it started.  We try to remember to take pictures before we start but we don't always succeed. We just get too darned excited to get started.

Here are a few items which are still in the shop:

This is just a few of the items available! Come in and visit to see the rest! You can also find us on Facebook