Sunday, May 27, 2012

There is a lot of work in the beginning!

I think I finally have all of the permits paid for and license in order. For just a simple little shop there is sure a lot of red tape to wade through.
I have worked out a pretty good system to keep myself from being overwhelmed. Mostly I just take each item as it comes, I make a list and add everything I can think of and cross off as I go.

 At first I thought we were going to be slim on pickins when we first open but once we packed up everything from all three of our houses and brought it to the shop we realized we were going to have to get busy painting and still pack some of it back up and take it out until we can get to it. We are trying REALLY hard not to buy anything else until we paint up all we have. Whoa boy is that hard!! I admit I went out today and found a few things I just can't live without. I will give a sneak peek of one of them.

Here's a close up.

Ok,she needs a little work, I know it looks like a he now but it going to be a she when I am done. She actually had a mane but I had my hubby help me pull the mane off it's head. It was so very mangy and matted. I will be spending the rest of the evening with a putty knife and a bottle of goo gone while I watch my beloved NCIS. Refurbishing things truly is a glamorous life. Right now I am typing with one green hand, lime green at that and it is sticky and not fun. That's what happens when you just can't wait to get the duck bookends painted so you can see what they look like. I will post a pic of them when they are finished.

I don't mind so much when I paint the backs of my hands, last week I thought the pink was kind of pretty. When you get your palms though it's just sticky and you forget and then keep wondering why your hand is sticky.

So, it's off to the cool basement for me and my pony. Waaayyyy better than the 94 degree garage.

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